A private real estate company giving investors exposure to prime income-producing commercial African real estate.

Compelling market opportunity
  • Lango owns and manages a portfolio of high-quality commercial income-producing properties
  • Opportunities exist for early investors to benefit from and shape the development of economic nodes
  • Rapid urbanisation rates and attractive demographics provide a basis for economic growth across the continent
Highly focused approach
  • Assets are diversified across sectors and countries, with a specific focus on select 'gateway' city nodes
  • Sectoral exposure focused on retail, office and industrial assets
  • Investments made in high growth nodes, focusing on prime income-producing assets and high-quality tenants
Scalable structure
  • A scalable, private REIT-like structure
  • Lango to pursue becoming a public company via a listing on the LSE by March 2026



Lango aims to generate sustainable investor returns and high-quality income, with a lasting socio-economic impact, through the acquisition of prime commercial property assets in select cities across the African continent, which have a strong ability to support long term growth.

The strategy results in the creation of a portfolio with significant diversification across both geographies and sectors, which together with sufficient scale and associated liquidity allows the business the opportunity to benefit from a lowered cost of capital and potentially drive a premium rating, further enhancing long-term shareholder value.

An investment opportunity aiming to deliver long-term investor value, with a lasting socio-economic impact

Socio-economic impact
  • Development of local real estate capital markets
  • Wide-ranging developmental impact on the continent which we expect will result in long-term socio‑economic benefits
  • Various Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives aligned to Lango’s position as a leader in the real estate asset class.
Investment strategy

Aiming to generate sustainable investor returns and high-quality income, through the acquisition of prime commercial property assets:

  • Assets diversified across strategic African cities and key sector specific nodes
  • Assets with a strong ability to support long-term rental growth from top tier tenants
  • Enhanced by an allocation (maximum 20%) to real estate developments
Portfolio characteristics
  • High-quality, typically income-producing assets
  • Moderate gearing 30-40%
  • Diversified portfolio

ESG focus

  • Lango striving to achieve 100% green ratings across our properties through EDGE certification to create sustainable buildings.
  • We are actively participating in community initiatives, with a focus on education and business development.
  • Lango is working to achieve 37% female board representation to enhance diversity and inclusion.

Using EDGE to power our green building drive

Our united nations sustainability development goals focus areas

Investment mandate

Lango seeks to acquire strategic assets in high-growth nodes across Africa's commercial capitals.

A path to investor liquidity

  • Steady liquidity cashflow stream
    Aiming to declare regular distributions to investors
  • Targeting listing agreed by 2026
    Process underway to achieve targeted listing by 2026
  • Target listing on reputable stock exchange
    Actively seeking a listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE) for global accessibility
  • Strategic liquidity risk management
    Enhanced through a diversified portfolio across several geographies

A path to investor liquidity