A private real estate company giving investors exposure to prime income-producing commercial African real estate.

Compelling market opportunity
  • Lango owns and manages a portfolio of high-quality commercial income-producing properties
  • Opportunities exist for early investors to benefit from and shape the development of economic nodes
  • Rapid urbanisation rates and attractive demographics provide a basis for economic growth across the continent
Highly focused approach
  • Assets are diversified across sectors and countries, with a specific focus on select 'gateway' city nodes
  • Sectoral exposure focused on retail, office and industrial assets
  • Investments made in high growth nodes, focusing on prime income-producing assets and high-quality tenants
Scalable structure
  • A scalable, private REIT-like structure
  • Lango intends to become public via a listing by March 2026



Lango aims to generate sustainable investor returns and high-quality income, with a lasting socio-economic impact, through the acquisition of prime commercial property assets in select cities across the African continent, which have a strong ability to support long term growth.

The strategy results in the creation of a portfolio with significant diversification across both geographies and sectors, which together with sufficient scale and associated liquidity allows the business the opportunity to benefit from a lowered cost of capital and potentially drive a premium rating, further enhancing long-term shareholder value.

An investment opportunity aiming to deliver long-term investor value, with a lasting socio-economic impact

Socio-economic impact
  • Shaping and catalyzing the development of local real estate markets
  • Contributing to a wide-ranging socio-economic impact
Investment strategy

Aiming to generate sustainable investor returns and high-quality income, through the acquisition of prime commercial property assets:

  • Assets diversified across strategic African cities and key sector specific nodes
  • Assets with a strong ability to support long-term rental growth from top tier tenants
  • Enhanced by a potential limited allocation to real estate developments
Portfolio characteristics
  • High-quality, commercial income-producing assets
  • Targeting moderate gearing 30-40%
  • Diversified portfolio
  • Potential for significant scale

Investment mandate

Lango seeks to acquire strategic assets in high-growth nodes across Africa's commercial capitals.

A path to investor liquidity

Steady liquidity cashflow stream
  • Lango aims to declare 6 monthly dividends
Target listing contractually agreed within 5 years
  • Target listing agreed by 2026
Target listing on reputable stock exchange
  • Listing likely on London Stock Exchange (LSE)
Liquidity risk management
  • Enhanced through a diversified portfolio across a number of geographies

A path to investor liquidity