Our Strategic 
Sustainability Targets

At Lango, we have set clear and achievable sustainability targets that drive our mission to create a greener future:

Green Rating Excellence:

Our aim is to have 100% of our buildings achieve and maintain green ratings. By incorporating sustainable practices, we create environments that benefit both our tenants and the planet.

Harnessing Renewable Energy:

We are actively reducing carbon emissions by embracing renewable energy sources. Through this commitment, we're taking significant steps towards a more sustainable tomorrow.

Emission Reduction Program

Lango is deeply committed to environmental responsibility and carbon emission reduction across all our properties. Our comprehensive strategy emphasizes green building initiatives like LED lighting, solar power, and water efficiency, tailored to each asset’s needs.


As an accredited EDGE Champion, in partnership with IFC, a World Bank Group member, we promote voluntary green building certification based on the EDGE standards, which are aligned with global sustainability goals and lead our industry towards a lower-carbon future.

Our ambitious goal is to retrofit our buildings to meet EDGE standards and attain green building certification. This sets an example for a more sustainable path in real estate.


Join us in this journey towards a greener, more sustainable future at Lango, where we actively work to reduce our environmental impact and create spaces that benefit everyone.

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Our First Green Star Achievement: Standard Chartered Building in Ghana

We are excited to share our first step in our journey towards environmental sustainability began with Standard Chartered Building in Ghana, which became our first Green certified building in 2020.

Impressive Sustainability Results:


In Water Savings


In Energy Savings


Energy Embodied in
Materials Savings

Strategic Initiatives