Importance of ESG:


  • Lango is committed to reducing its carbon footprint with a focus on green building initiatives.
  • Lango is committed to attaining a Green Rating for 100% of its buildings through certification from EDGE, in partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC).
  • Lango is driving the transition to low-carbon economies by aiming to deploy extensive renewable energy solutions, primarily through solar power.


  • Lango is committed to fostering sustainable and inclusive economic growth in the communities where it operates through an active Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy.
  • Lango recognizes the interdependence and synergy between society and the economy, and is actively promoting social development in the communities in which the assets operate.
  • Lango has a strategic focus on delivering impact, with this strategy focusing on education and business development. Key outcomes include the provision of a foundation for high quality skills, employment opportunities, and future income growth.


  • At Lango, good corporate governance is fundamental to our success, providing strategic direction, accountability, and responsibility.
  • Our Board of Directors ensure ethical leadership, sustainability, and value creation through strong governance and a culture of responsibility.
  • Lango benefits from a sub-committee structure, in line with international best practice, which maintains a comprehensive level of oversight and enhances the process of effective governance.

Our commitment to
sustainable development

At Lango Real Estate, we are driven by a strong focus on sustainability, guided by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Focusing on Impact:

We have carefully chosen several of these SDGs that align with our values and mission. By concentrating on these specific goals, we aim to create lasting positive impacts for our stakeholders and assets.

Aligned Business Strategy:

Our commitment goes beyond words; we integrate these SDGs into our business strategy and related initiatives. By doing so, we believe we can enhance our reputation as a responsible real estate company and contribute meaningfully to our communities and stakeholders.

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  • At Lango, we have a robust Environmental Social Management System (ESMS) in place.
  • This system sets clear objectives and principles that guide both our company and investments towards achieving strong environmental and social performance.
  • We are committed to making responsible choices that positively impact the environment and society. Join us in building a sustainable future together

ESMS Framework



Maintain an adequate ESG team and third-party support


Adhere to 3rd party E&S due diligence investment processes


Apply action plans into portfolio management processes


Track action on plans & improve with new E&S plans


Incorporate progress of action plans